Did you know that more than 67 percent of US households own pets? If you are a pet owner, finding the perfect pet-friendly apartment community is crucial to your pet’s overall happiness. 

At Evergreens Apartment Homes in Anaheim, we understand that bringing a furry friend home for the first time can be ruff. That’s why we prioritize pet living and strive to create a comfortable environment for our animal VIPs. To help your pet adjust to your pet-friendly apartment, we’ve compiled three steps for you to follow. Read on to learn more! 

Make Space

The type of pet you have will determine the amount of space you need to set apart. If you bought a puppy, make space to designate a safe zone in your apartment for your pet. Safe zones are quiet places for your puppy to relax and sleep in. Add a bed, water, food, and your pet’s favorite chew toys so your dog can feel protected and comfortable in its designated area. 

Unlike dogs, Gerbils don’t require a lot of space other than their cage. Pick a shaded, sturdy spot in your apartment for your gerbil’s cage. If you are unsure of what cage to buy, here are a few tips:

  • Each gerbil should have at least 10 gallons of space in a cage.
  • Cages should have proper ventilation.
  • Multilevel cages could be dangerous for gerbils, as they are known for having poor eyesight.
  • Wire cages typically prevent gerbils from chewing their way out of the cage.

Making space for your new animal will help it acclimate well to its surroundings. Whether you have a dog, gerbil, cat, or another type of furry friend, do your research to know how much space your pet needs. 

Prioritize Playtime

Similar to humans, pets love playtime; however, all pets have different playtime preferences. It’s up to you as a pet owner to know what your pet needs and likes!

Cats often like to play alone, so interactive toys are great for mental stimulation. Gerbils are known for loving exercise wheels, which help improve their cardiovascular health. Dogs are quite social and typically love to exercise. Take your dog on a walk around the town or to a dog park, like Maxwell Dog Park in Anaheim, near our pet-friendly apartments. 

Remember, your pet loves to have fun, too! Allowing your pet to have enough playtime each day will keep it happy and healthy. 

Remove or Hide Harmful Substances

It may be tempting to feed your dog the scraps off your dinner plate, but it’s important to note that some common human foods could harm your pet. For example, foods such as chocolate, onions, grapes, and garlic are toxic to animals. Certain house plants are also poisonous to pets. When bringing a new furry friend home, make sure to remove these items or hide them where your pet can’t reach. Doing so will help protect your pet’s health and well-being.

If you’re bringing a new furry friend home, follow our helpful tips above to help your pet acclimate to its new home. For those looking for a pet-friendly apartment in Anaheim, Evergreens Apartment Homes offers various pet amenities. We know you and your pet would love it here. Call us today for more information!