Want to shake up your typical dinner menu? One of the great things about living in Anaheim is that there are plenty of fun dining options! Here are three of our favorite local restaurants to try next time you want to go on a culinary adventure:

Dunarea Restaurant 

Up for some eastern European flavors? Dunarea Restaurant is a Romanian restaurant you’ll love! Located at 821 N. Euclid Street in Anaheim, this restaurant serves hearty, flavorful dishes that you can’t find anywhere else. Here are some dishes from their Romanian Home Cooking menu:

  • Stuffed Grape Leaves Rolls: Ground pork wrapped in grape leaves, served with sour cream
  • Romanian Pork Feast: Chopped and pan-fried pork loin, served with garlic, spices, and cornmeal
  • Tournedo Rosigni: Filet mignon and chicken livers cooked in white wine and cognac sauce

If you’re grabbing food with someone who may not be feeling Romanian cuisine, they also have a few simpler options, like beef soup and Greek salad, as well as appetizers like sauteed shrimp.

The Spice Garden

Okay, this one isn’t technically in Anaheim, but it’s one of our favorite local restaurants! The Spice Garden serves Indian cuisine and is located at 7850 Beach Boulevard in Buena Park, just a five-minute drive away from us at the Evergreens. 

They’ve got rice dishes, like Chicken Biryani and Veggie Pulao. They’ve got curries, like the classic favorite Chicken Tikka Masala or Ghosthh Saag Wala (“lamb meat cooked in gravy made of spinach, spices and yogurt). And then they’ve got street food, like Paneer Pakora (“Cottage cheese fritters served with coriander chutney”) or Samosa Chaat. They also have Indo Italian, Indo Mexican, and Indo Chinese sections on their menu, with some tasty and unique flavors! 

Take a look at their menu before you order—they have a ton of delicious dishes, and it’s hard to choose!

Olligo Grill

Everything at this restaurant is so tasty! Olligo Grill, located at 3240 Lincoln Avenue in Anaheim, has a pretty simple menu full of delicious Korean fusion flavors: 

  • They have Korean barbecue plates and bowls, offering bulgogi and kalbi flavors with chicken, beef, and pork options.
  • Their teriyaki plates and bowls have the same meat options as the barbecue dishes, in addition to shrimp, tofu, and salmon. Mmm!
  • You can also order ramen, fried chicken, and soups, and appetizers like Rice Cake Soup or Steamed Dumplings.

They also have a robust selection of smoothies, milk teas, and frappes, so be sure to check those out, too!

Check out Dunarea Restaurant, The Spice Garden, or Olligo Grill next time you want to try something new. It can be easy to fall into a cooking rut, but these local restaurants prove there are so many delicious flavors out there to add more joy to our lives. Bon appetit!

Photo credit: Dunarea Restaurant.