There’s nothing better than dressing up with a few of your favorite people and trying a new fine restaurant. Not only does food connect communities together, but research from the University of Oxford has also shown that people who eat with others often are more likely to feel happy with their lives. Similarly, the more often people eat with others, the more likely they are to feel satisfied with life. 

Have you been itching to go to a nice restaurant in Anaheim with your friends? Look no further: The Anaheim White House Restaurant is the perfect place to try on a luxurious evening out. Here are three things that make this fine Italian restaurant so special.

The Story of the White House

The Anaheim White House is a national historical landmark. It was owned by the Truax family until 1981 when the Stovalls purchased the home from the family. It was immediately converted into “The White House Restaurant” and taken over by an Italian chef, Chef Bruno Serato. He happily served as the chef with no hiccups from 1987 until 2017, when it suffered a devastating fire that destroyed the restaurant. 

The fire resulted in over $2 million in damages, but the restaurant was so beloved that plans to rebuild it were quickly underway. Since officially reopening the restaurant in April 2018, Chef Bruno has continued to serve people delicious Italian food. We couldn’t be happier that it was rebuilt.

Chef Bruno Serato’s Charity

Not only is the restaurant itself delicious, but the chef is also doing great work for the community. He has used his nonprofit, Caterina’s Club, to serve over one million meals to those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic, regularly donates meals to the Boys and Girls Club, and continuously offers charity despite falling on his own hard times. 

There’s a reason why Chef Bruno has been on the news so many times: He genuinely cares about the community and wants to help people. If the restaurant’s quality food wasn’t reason enough to try it, supporting Chef Bruno’s cause is certainly the cherry on top. We couldn’t love his cause any more than we already do!

Delicious Italian Food and a Huge Menu

From lobster ravioli and tempura artichoke heart appetizers to soups, salads, seafood, steaks, pizza, and pasta entrees, The Anaheim White House Restaurant has every Italian food you could want to try. Not only do they have options for every meat and pasta lover, but they also have gluten-free and vegan choices that are sure to delight. 

Need a recommendation? We personally love the fettucine ragout and ravioli formaggio. And we can’t pass up a dessert, especially when you see something like Tiramisu on the menu. 

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Photo Credit: The Anaheim White House Restaurant