Moving is exciting, especially if you’re moving into The Evergreens! But it can also be stressful with everything you have to keep track of, especially with COVID guidelines in place. To help you have a smooth and stress-free experience, we’ve found three tips to stay safe when moving during the pandemic:

Step 1: Donate, Following Pandemic Procedures

Moving provides the perfect opportunity to cut down on any extra stuff you’ve been carrying around. But moving during the pandemic means that dropping a bag of clothes at your favorite donation site isn’t as simple as it was before. 

Before you go and donate those items that have been languishing in the back of your closet, check the websites of your preferred donation organizations to see what their procedures are. You may need to make an appointment or stay in your car while a worker takes your donation from your back seat. “Goodwill and Salvation Army locations near you will have rules that reflect state and local guidelines, so make sure you check the local site, not just the national one,” suggests Kelly Lawler at USA Today.

Step 2: Buy All Your Supplies at Once

Buying all your supplies in one go cuts down the number of times you need to go to the store, which reduces the chances of transmission. But knowing the exact amount of supplies you need is easier said than done! 

This packing calculator can help. Enter the number of rooms and people in your house, plus your packing style and lifestyle (from minimalist to packrat). The calculator will then give you an estimate of the number of boxes and packing supplies you’ll need, plus an estimated cost to purchase them. Follow this guide, and when in doubt, but extra! You can always donate any supplies you don’t use. 

Step 3: On Moving Day, Adhere to Basic Guidelines

“Social distancing from strangers is less of an issue if you’re moving yourself, but if you’re asking family or friends outside of your household to help, make sure to adhere to the basic guidelines,” says Ada Tseng at the LA Times. “Maintain six feet of distance and wear masks. Communicate your boundaries and the precautions that will make everyone safe and comfortable, so everyone is on the same page before move day.”

If you’re moving to or from a rental, be sure to talk to your landlord about their safety guidelines. For example, here at The Evergreens Apartments, we’re following all pandemic guidelines, which may mean your move looks a bit different than it might have a year ago. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions!

Moving during the pandemic doesn’t have to be stressful. Donate, buy all your supplies at once, and adhere to basic guidelines.